Specification Sheets

This section contains spec sheets for all AQUECOIL™ brand products.
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HHU Style
Direct Mount Hydronic Heating Unit

These units are designed to be installed directly to the air handler, without any need for a transition. An air spreading baffle assures full air coverage over the coil while maintaining a sleek 8” high profile. All sides are insulated with High “R” rigid foam, including under the front access panel.

An optional factory-installed internal circulator pump is available for use with conventional water heaters. Valve kits can also be ordered and included in the box for your convenience.
HWC Style
Hot Water Duct Coils
These basic units are designed to be installed onto the ductwork of the air system via a 1” steel flange all around the finned surface area. Performance up to 201,000 BTUH is easily achieved with the larger Stock sizes. You must determine the best location for full air coverage and insulate the units after installation.

Also available to purchase are Pump Modules and Valve Kits for field installation, if needed.