Where to Buy AQUECOIL™

As a Homeowner...

Your best option is to have your Air Conditioning Contractor supply the unit along with the rest of the system equipment. Generally, they will give you the best pricing and make sure you get the correct model and configuration for your specific application.

Please note that we do not have a Contractor list available. AQUECOIL™ Products can be installed by any certified Contractor who reads the installation manual, so choose the local company you like best!

An online company store has been designed to supply product to those who cannot find a cooperative installer in their area. It is currently stocked with replacement parts and complete units. Note that all products bought on the website must be installed by a licensed and insured professional.

As a Dealer...

Most HVAC Wholesale Distributors across the USA stock AQUECOIL™ brand products to fit the A/C brands they sell. Unfortunately, not all sales personnel may know about or understand hydroheat options. If they are unsure, please have them contact us and ask for sales.

Important: Ask your distributor to look up “Bindus Manufacturing” in their vendor file, instead of AQUECOIL™. Many wholesale distributors only have the company name instead of the brand name in their computer system.

In the event that there are no Stocking Distributors in your area, register as a Dealer on the online company store using your contractor license number. One your information has been verified, you can purchase product direct from the factory at Dealer pricing!

As a Distributor...

Chances are that you already have an account with Bindus Manufacturing, LLC and can quickly and easily supply the AQUECOIL™ coils your customers need. If not, simply call us and we can quickly and easily set up your company to buy directly on Distributor Terms by fax or email.